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Menu for Justice - Toward a European Curriculum Studiorum on Judicial Studies

Menu for Justice

Deliverables : D23 - Implementation meeting


D23 - Implementation meeting  

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The aim of the Workshop “Building Blocks for legal and judicial training”, organized by the Research Institute on Judicial Systems of the National Research Council of Italy (IRSIG-CNR), is to develop a debate among the partners of the Menu for Justice Project and the selected guests on the new contents and subjects needed to integrate legal and judicial training programmes in EU member States.
Throughout the ideas, opinions and recommendations raised during the Workshop, the participants will contribute to the development of a Reference Tool, helping Countries to identify key factors that they need to consider in assessing their current judicial training programme, future judicial training needs, and the most effective means of delivering judicial training.
The Workshop is intended to be an open minded exchange of information and ideas, sparked off by the guest speakers.

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WP04 - Design of scenarios for implementation 
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