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Events : Quality meeting (Bologna, 5 March 2012)

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Quality meeting (Bologna, 5 March 2012) 

Start Time

3/5/2012 5:00 PM 

End Time

3/5/2012 5:40 PM 

All Day Event



Bologna, Faculty of Political Science, Dep. of Political Science 


Quality meetings aim at monitoring the development of Menu for Justice Project, with specific regard to deadlines, tasks' distribution, deliverables and expected results. They usually take place after a plenary meeting, or whenever necessary, among the people entrusted with the project's quality supervision (quality Task Force, project manager, external auditor, work package leaders). They are important occasions to discuss about ongoing problems and possible solutions, accomplished activities and future actions. Suggestions and recommendations are provided by the external auditor as well.
In the Bologna Quality meeting (Bologna, 5 March 2012) the External Auditor made his comments and remarks on the Second Intermediate Quality Report drafted by the quality Task Force (see deliverable no. 25).


This events is not a project deliverable 

Organised by

Daniela Cavallini, Javier Couso 




WP05 - Ensuring quality 

Task Forces

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