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Menu for Justice - Toward a European Curriculum Studiorum on Judicial Studies

Menu for Justice

WP4 - Design of scenarios for implementation 

WP Leader: IRSIG-CNR Bologna
WP Coordinator: Marco Fabri; Cristina Dallara
Start Date:  August 2011
End Date:   January 2012

This WP will deal with the differential legacies, practices and regulatory environments that a possible implementation process of the curriculum studiorum would face in each EU Country.
First, implementation entails a balanced assessment of the contexts (educational, cultural, regulative) in which the curriculum will be embodied, then a comprehensive discussion among the partners, each of whom will bring on the table its own experience in teaching, is promising for a large impact project.

The WP will be run in parallel by the four Task Forces, which will address barriers, resources, capacities that influence the implementation process of the curriculum studiorum in the four tracks of the legal education and judicial training cycle.

Our approach is to develop a Training and Education Assessment Tool (TEAT) that identifies key factors individual Countries need to consider in assessing their current judicial training programme, future judicial training needs and the most effective means of delivering judicial training. TEAT does not assess judicial training in European Countries on a hierarchical basis. Instead, it takes an issue-based approach to judicial training. The objective is to develop an assessment tool that will provide any individual Country with the building blocks for advancing their judicial training programme. Using the building blocks, each Country can then develop its own individual training plan designed to provide the most efficient training programme.


TitleDelivery DateDissemination Level
D22 - Training needs assessment tool4/19/2012
D23 - Implementation meeting 3/29/2012

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