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WP5 - Quality Plan - Ensuring quality 

WP Leader: University of Bologna
WP Coordinator: Daniela Cavallini

Start Date:  October 2009
End Date:   September 2012

To ensure the quality of the project development an effective, transparent and fruitful evaluation of methods and objectives is needed. Project design, implementation and results will be regularly monitored and assessed.

Ex ante evaluation: we will start our project with the creation of a Quality Task Force – led by the University of Bologna – whose main task will be the definition of a Quality Plan, which determines procedures and recommendations to assure the correct and fruitful development of processes, activities and results.

In itinere evaluation: The Quality Task Force will enforce (and integrate) the procedures and tools provided by the Quality Plan and constantly monitor performance indicators to guarantee a successful achievement of the project goals.

Ex post evaluation: The ex post evaluation is performed right after the project conclusion and will consider the project outputs and impact.

Quality evaluation will interact with project management, dissemination and exploitation activities.


TitleDelivery DateDissemination Level
D24 - First intermediate Quality report1/15/2011
D25 - Second intermediate Quality report1/30/2012

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