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Menu for Justice - Toward a European Curriculum Studiorum on Judicial Studies

Menu for Justice

WP6 - Exploitation - Spreading Off Justmen 

WP Leader: University of Bologna
WP Coordinator: Daniela Piana
Start Date:  February 2012
End Date:   September 2012

This WP is intended to analyse in depth the impact of the curriculum studiorum on legal and judicial vocational training. Such impact can be studied under four perspectives: 1) the implementation of curriculum studiorum; 2) the improvement of judicial and legal training programs; 3) the elaboration of a needs assessment tool; 4) the identification of training guidelines and best practices.

Partners involved will first study how the curriculum can be expanded alongside the programs offered in judicial schools and in centers for legal training linked to the Bar Association. Judicial schools are primarily involved in the exploitation and dissemination of curriculum studiorum, since in most cases initial and continuous training (and sometimes also socialization of the new magistrates) is under their exclusive responsibility. The implementation of the curriculum studiorum will be analysed on the international level as well, with regard to the training programs promoted and organised by the European Judicial Training Network.
Secondly, the partners will discuss problems and advantages of a renewal or integration of legal and judicial vocational learning. This will be done in a meeting with judicial schools, or other institutions entrusted with judicial training (i.e. Superior Council of the Magistracy), and legal training centers.

A special session in the final meeting (see WP 1 MANAGEMENT) will focus on possible strategies of multiplication, for instance in different disciplinary fields, whose structure looks like the structure here above described for the legal and judicial education: four tracks, 1st and 2nd cycle, PhD level, pre-professional and lifelong education. We want to multiplicate for medical and engineering (both of them addressing professions).

A Report will be drafted on the basis of a preliminary discussion, which will be carried on partly in the European JUSTMEN meeting, partly by e-mail communications. It will provide institutions in higher education sector and above all institutions involved in vocational training with a instrument to figure out scenarios of implementation (of the curriculum stud.) and possible barriers to it.


TitleDelivery DateDissemination Level
D26 - Impact assessment report8/30/2012

 Photo Gallery

Workshop in Odense, Denmark (29-30 August 2012) - Photo 1
Workshop in Odense, Denmark (29-30 August 2012) - Photo 1
Workshop in Odense, Denmark (29-30 August 2012) - Photo 2
Workshop in Odense, Denmark (29-30 August 2012) - Photo 2
Workshop in Odense, Denmark (29-30 August 2012) - Photo 3
Workshop in Odense, Denmark (29-30 August 2012) - Photo 3
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