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Menu for Justice

Menu for Justice - Toward a European Curriculum Studiorum on Judicial Studies

Menu for Justice

WP7 - Dissemination - Spreading Off Justmen 

WP LeaderUniwersytet Szczecin
WP Coordinator: Pasquale Policastro 
Start Date:  March 2010
End Date:   September 2012

JUSTMEN is a very ambitious project also in terms of dissemination impact. Partners involved in the projects have extensively invested on the internationalization process and have developed Erasmus exchanges programs among them. The University of Bologna is one of the most active institutions in Europe in this respect. Therefore, the reports drafted throughout the project development and the deliverables produced in term of texts, website contents, etc. will be easily disseminated among European and extra European High education and vocational training institutions. However, we know that an effective dissemination process needs a systematic, controlled and flexible planning.
The Journal of Judicial Education and Training, whose editorial committee is located in Paris by IHEJ, will be very helpful in this.

The target of the dissemination comprises four kinds of actors:

  1. students and potential professionals who want to refresh their competence through high education programs;
  2. high education institutions (faculties of social sciences);
  3. institutions involved in vocational training for legal professions and stakeholders.

We want to have local and supranational dissemination. Locally, partners will get involved in dissemination by main institutions and stakeholders; supranationally, the coordinator Partner 1 will disseminate among social platforms and NGOs.

Concretely, we will get in touch with:

  • offices of students orientation;
  • newspapers (local and national in all Countries in which partners involved in the project are);
  • directors of PhD programs in social sciences;
  • agencies of promotion of training (where fellowship and support for low income families are delivered);
  • university’s administrators;
  • department’s chefs;
  • the Bologna Promoter Network;
  • associations;
  • judicial schools;
  • European Network of Judicial Training;


TitleDelivery DateDissemination Level
D27 - Set of bruchures and leaflets9/2/2010
D28 - Articles in newspapers2/3/2011

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 Dissemination documents

MFJ Newsletter_03082012.pdf
MFJ Newsletter_03082012
Map of Legal Education in Europe.docx
Map of Legal Education in Europe
MfJ workshop 05 21 2011.pdf
Leaflet Workshop menu for Justice 05 21 2011
Prof.Couso_MFJ project.pdf
Prof. Couso "Discussion about the project Menu for Justice"
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